Beyond shiny new toys: tech promises exciting opportunities for media and journalism

What do you get when 1,600 media and tech professionals, entrepreneurs and investors take over a hall at Columbia University with students and faculty at NYC’s cutting edge journalism, media, design and engineering schools? You get a collectively enormous IQ and an optimistic sense that the latest technologies promise exciting opportunities for media and journalism.

I spent NYC Media Lab’s annual summit chatting to students demoing their creations, hearing heavyweights at the intersection of tech and media speak about their visions of the future, and diving into virtual reality and deep learning in intensive sessions.

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Off the Beaten Track: Exploring 3 Quiet Places in New York

While I do love the staccato pace of New York street life, I often also find myself seeking out quiet spaces to pause and breathe deeply in this frenetic, bustling city.

Three of the best places I've found to date are the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe (where I also work a weekly volunteer shift), Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery, and Morningside Heights' Cathedral of St John the Divine, each guaranteed to make me feel a world away.

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